Khofiz Shakhidi: how Khofiz’s father accepted his son’s choice

13:12 25.08.2019

Tolib Shakhidi like all parents wanted his son to follow in his footsteps. But the famous composer was not very upset when he realized that his son had chosen a worthy occupation for life (also profitable). Khofiz Shakhidi showed the whole world who is the real financial genius from the age of 22. Details are in our note.

Not every one of us chooses our hearts. Khofiz Shakhidi became successful because from the very beginning he listened to his desires. Parents accepted his choice and supported him. It is worth noting that far from every musician children are fond of this activity. Small copies of us may differ entirely in our view of the world. It is more interesting to live and build a new cozy modern world.

What are the similarities between the older and younger Shakhidi?

Khofiz Shakhidi

Khofiz Shakhidi

The areas of activity of father and son are radically different, but they have something in common. We are talking about love for the motherland, family and the entire world around us. These are people who despite problems retained the very best qualities. Probably this is precisely what helps them to reach their desired heights all their lives.

Tolib-khon Shakhidi is a famous composer in Tajikistan and abroad. Received several prestigious awards. One of them: in the USA at the “International Competition of Contemporary Music” and the National Rudaki Award.

Khofiz Shakhidi is one of the dominant personalities in the financial and global transport industry. Chairman of the company that operates the GTL Terminals transshipment terminals. GTL specializes in the storage of petroleum products. Mr. Shakhidi is also the director of Jefferson Capital. This company offers solutions for investment analysis, financial intermediation and risk management.

From the graduate of The University of Essex to the position of head of two large companies

Khofiz Shakhidi graduated from one of the most prestigious universities in the UK. We remind you that he was named the best in 2018. This title the University of Essex received quite deservedly because the presence of graduates with incredible achievements rolls over. What is only the entrepreneur Khofiz Shakhidi worth? In addition to the financial genius, the university released such famous people: director “Harry Potter” David Yates, world-famous architect Daniel Libeskind, and British Cypriot economist Christopher Antoniou Pissarides.

After Khofiz Shakhidi graduated from the University of Essex he opened a promising road to the world of finance. He held onto every opportunity eventually becoming the head of two large companies — GTL Terminals and Jefferson Capital.