Khofiz Shakhidi: biography and career of a financial genius

12:19 25.08.2019

Khofiz Shakhidi are one of the leading individuals at GTL Terminals and Jefferson Capital. Over his 44 years, he managed to conquer the financial and investment world. The future businessman grew up in a family where there were exclusively creative professions.

Despite this, Khofiz Shakhidi found himself in a radically different activity. Not a writer, not a composer, but an economist!

The entrepreneur was born in a family of complete creativity on May 19, 1977. Khofiz Shakhidi has two more brothers. Originally a businessman from Tajikistan, but for the subsequent location, he chose a fabulous place of Monaco.

About the family of Khofiz Shakhidi

Khofiz Shakhidi was born in the family of the famous composer Tolib Shahidi. He has won several awards including National Rudaki Prize in Tajikistan. The mother of the entrepreneur is also a creative person. She has written several books: “My Neighbourhood Sisters”, “I am Looking Towards the East” and others.

Mr. Shakhidi has two brothers. The elder went to father more. Now he is the president of the “Empire of Music in the Russian” agency. The younger brother of financial genius went to Khofiz. He currently works at Jefferson Capital. He works in the asset management department.

Professional career of Khofiz Shakhidi

This year, he began working at Crédit Agricole CIB and became the main BSI Bank. It may take a whole day to list all the achievements of Khofiz Shakhidi in the financial world, but the above companies should be singled out from the main one.

Hofiz Shahidi was able to establish a private investment portfolio. He focused in particular on a variety of asset types. His projects concerned direct investments, over-the-counter options and so on. In order to be thoroughly prepared for its creation, he has come a long way to the positions of leaders in several financial institutions.

The peak of his achievements was the current position. We are talking about the position of director at the financial company Jefferson Capital and chairman of GTL Terminals Ltd.

What is Khofiz Shakhidi keen on?

The life of Khofiz Shakhidi does not consist only of the financial world. The businessman also has his hobbies and ways to relax. A financial genius loves to play chess and football. Thus, he keeps himself in good shape. He even managed to go to sports competitions. As they say: “A talented person is talented in everything”.