Khofiz Shakhidi: learn more about the popular entrepreneur

Khofiz Shakhidi: learn more about the popular entrepreneur

16:02 02.09.2019

AT 42, Khofiz Shakhidi managed to become a successful entrepreneur, to be considered a financial genius, to establish himself as a good family man.

He was able to achieve what people strive for all his life. Many take an example from such people and even envy them a little. Khofiz Shakhidi has a very fascinating life, filled not only with numbers but also with adventures. Read more in the material about a successful businessman.

To become successful in our world it is enough to have a clear goal. In addition to this, Khofiz Shakhidi has moral values instilled in childhood. What is rare for successful people nowadays. For the right position in life, Khofiz Shakhidi was helped by parenting. This helped him choose the right path in life. By the way, work in the financial spectrum began to go uphill after receiving a degree in economics from the University of Essex. Khofiz Shakhidi quickly began to conquer the financial space of Tajikistan and then the whole world.

The story of businessman Khofiz Shakhidi

To become a financial genius is not necessary to have an economically savvy relative. Khofiz Shakhidi was born into a creative family. Parents instilled in the man’s heart love and moral values. He chose his path based on his preferences. Mother Khofiz Shakhidi Gulifat is a writer, and his father is a famous musician Talib Hon.

The entrepreneur has two brothers – the eldest and younger. The second went to Mr. Shakhidi, even works for Jefferson Capital, where he is a director. The elder, on the contrary, was more inspired by the life of his father. He chose the path associated with creativity (agent and promoter, as well as the president of the Empire of Music in Russia agency).

Although Khofiz Shakhidi has connected his life with the financial sector, he still loves entertainment. A man’s life consists not only of business meetings and numbers. Khofiz has a big friendly family and interesting hobbies. The businessman is interested in soccer and skiing. It is known that he even participated in competitions. Mostly Khofiz Shakhidi prefers outdoor activities, the only exception is the game of chess.

Khofiz Shakhidi’s career

The start of the career of Khofiz Shakhidi was loud and it was impossible to take back. He did not trifle and embodied his ambitions as best he could. Thanks to his talent, he joined the Crédit Agricole CIB in 2002. After that, Mr. Shakhidi became director of BSI Bank. At 25 years old, occupying such a high position in the financial world is a success! In subsequent years, he did not depart from the high bar and held leadership positions in several financial institutions.

Khofiz Shakhidi had enough knowledge, opportunities, and skills to create a private investment portfolio in 2008. What is known about its existence? The entrepreneur made him as useful as possible. He focuses on many types of assets. We are talking about real estate, direct investment, over-the-counter options and so on.

Mr. Shakhidi’s current positions. The entrepreneur is the director of the financial company Jefferson Capital. Also, five years ago Khofiz Shakhidi founded Belphar Ltd to buy GTL Terminals Ltd. Since then, he has been chairman of the GTL.